Faith Boosters by Jenny Garvin

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“It is a dangerous thing to be prosperous. …

It takes more than human skill to carry the brimming cup of mortal joy with a steady hand.  Paul learned both.  We are full and we forget God.  Satisfied with earth we forget heaven.”



” You cannot serve both God and money.”

                                                                                          Matthew 6:17


The rich often protest that it’s not money they are pursuing – that they just enjoy the freedom money brings.  In Getty the movie,  Jean Paul Getty, then the richest man in the world, was asked how much is enough. “More,” was his response. His life is a morality tale as we see him refuse to pay the ransom for his kidnapped grandson, and eventually die absolutely alone with mansions crammed full of his acquisitions.


All that most of us want is enough to live a reasonably comfortable life style. A study once asked  people from every income bracket whether they had all they needed.   Universally they all – no matter what level of income they had –  said they would do well with just 20% more. So how much is enough to feel secure; to have all we need?  Jesus reminds us it’s not what we give, but what we hold back that is seen by God and continues to taint our spirit.


Those who are willing to whatever it takes for a higher purpose, are among millions who’ve left an indelible mark on history. They include the likes Francis of Assisi, George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Teresa.  All showed what they valued by what they were willing to sacrifice for what they valued.