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He was suposed to be the wisest man who ever lived; but ended up with 900 wives and 300 concubines….(he probably died of suffocation after saying one night last into bed turns the light out.)

If anybody could have said   “Been there done that,”  it would have to be him.

Yet he struggled with the big question..”Why am I here?”

I have been wrestling with and teaching the book of Ecclesiastes for 30 years….here’s your chance to learn from Solomon.  I am making my training notes available…free of charge for those who are searching for their purpose.  Go to my web page and look under Resources then click on “life fulfillment”.

The Invaders are Moving in

“They come by boat and plane to invade us,and disturb our peaceful lifestyle, and take what is ours.”
So screamed the Hobart Mercury’s front page story about interstate property buyers. Does it have a familiar ring?

It is exactly what our indigenous people would have been able to say about the begining of white settlement.
It’s always good to ask the question, who has won and who has lost?
Kevin said he wasn’t going to lurch to the right on this issue of asylum seekers. Was his integrity on the issue part of his down fall?
It’s been interesting that both Philip Adams (who resigned from the Labour party over the nature of Kevin Rudd’s departure)and Rev.Tim Costello have come out and referred to Kevin’s untimely demise as something like a death in the family.
Could it also see the death of statesmanship and the arrival of the “ship of fools?”
A politician says “I’ll be what ever you want me to be, so long as you give me power.”
A politician’s field of vision is the next election, while a statesman’s field of vision is the next generation.

The next generation is watching: Who will give voice to their aspirations for justice and sustainability?
Wow! What if it’s only the Greens?
The moral blindness is clear to all but but the politically blinkered. One of the weathiest nations is seeking to co-opt one of the poorest to help manage its’ latent xenophobia and selfishness, because there is not the capacity to to lead by telling the bigger story of what greatness looks like.

Let’s not forget the mean and bullying attitude that coloured our negotiations over the oil field on our shared boundary with East Timor(were powerful interests involved there too?). The potential revenues could have transformed that tiny nation.
The Labour party machine men undermined Kevin Rudd’s attempt to upgrade our aid to them.

Both parties are now showing a considerable lack of leadership and moral vision in the race to the bottom.
I seem to remember it says in the Bible something about the blessings that await those who care for the battling single mum, the homeless, and the refugee. (the widow :the orphan:the stranger)
You will notice all ofthe above are without home and community. Maybe that’s our problem;could it be, we’ve lost our own sense of home and community?

Even the land mourns

As the cyclone season hits the Gulf of Mexico,a new and unintended disaster is threatening to break out. It seems B.P’s overly generous use of the oil dispersant “Corexit” (3.1million litres) is showing a nasty side effect.
The U.S. E.P.A(Enviromental protection Agency) is fearing that such high concentrations of the chemical may reduce oxygen levels and kill microbes which in turn is likely to further destabilise the balence of life in the Gulf. “We are already approaching probable world record use of Corexit” the chief of the EPA, is on record as saying.
The Agency gave B.P. 24 hrs to find a milder dispersant. The Giant corporation said “We can’t. Corexit is the only chemical on hand in sufficient quantity and other dispersants might be even less safe”. B.P. is now under E.P.A. orders to cut back its use of the powerful compound.
The profound question arises, that each doctor has to face,”How do you treat the patient,without killing him/her in the process?”
What is that ancient dictum in the hypocratic oath, “First Do no harm”….
As we look around at our aproach to economics, to dealing with insurgencies, global warming does seem as the Old Book says “There is a way that seems right to man, but the ends therof are the ways of death.” The challenge of leadership is to have the fore thought – the faith imagination – to avoid unintended life destoying conseqenses… “first do no harm!”…

what we expect of our political leaders

There is what is called the “messiah” phenomenon in American presidential elections. It means you will have about 100 days to implement your most important policies. That is when people are still enchanted with you and your opposition is too intimidated to disagree, but you had better get going because every interest group is looking you over and will soon be coming for you. Some will see you as an opportunity, others as a threat.
Eventually they will discover you are not the messiah and that you disappoint and have feet of clay. Hopefully some of those who resented what you represented and hated you for the wrong reasons, will learn – probably just as you are giving your resignation speech – that you were human. At last they will be ready to see your good points just in time to miss them. In my last blog I hinted about some of the things I know went on behind the scene.Thanks Evan for you comments, but a case could be put he tried to do too much too soon.That is why he worked so hard and why he was seen to push; saying sorry to our indigenous people, injecting money into the economy to save us from recession and a great slide into unemloyment; the attempt at legislation for climate change when certain interest groups were so intransigent. They split their own party and threw out its leader.Yes, Kevin 07 would have done more if it had been up to him alone, but sadly politics is the art of the possible; what those around you think is possible. Whatever happened to Peter Garret? Politics is what happened! It has been my privilege to interview many of these people over the years. Most start out really wanting to make a difference, only to discover that the structure they have to work in is not conducive to idealism. I am still amazed by Wiliam Wilberforce who stuck it out for 40 years, but he had a small group of deeply commited mates who did more than give advice from the grand stand. One of his friends was John Wesley whose favorite passage is found in Malachi 3:16-18. It was the inspiration for his class meetings. There is something about having a small group you don’t have to perform for. We all need support.

A Sad Day for Australian Politics

Today sees the end of Kevin Rudd’s Prime ministership, the victim largely of particular sub groups and factions.He was a good man with an incredibly complex period of history to navigate. He won great respect for his skill and diplomacy at the Global Climate Change Conference.
He tried to grapple with the big issues without much suport, particularly from the Christian community.
He was a rare creature in Labour politics; his power base was not in the factions. He had hoped to neutralise their power but it was one of them that triggered his demise. There was some worry amongst those in marginal seats and in caucus about the polls, still it was the non elected leaders of a certain right wing union that “Got rid of him.” I know on one occasion when he was out of the room the new deputy Prime Minister said “We’ve got to give him some of the things he believes in.” I personally like deputy Prime Minister Swan. I have worked with him on one occasion, but I don’t think Kevin Rudd received enough help to achieve outcomes on those issues he deeply believed in. Maybe that’s the reason he felt he often had to act alone.
I have seen too many good people lose out in party politics, dropped from no 1 or two on the Senate ticket to an unwinnable place on the ticket. One Labour party old timer said to a new Conservative politican, “If you want a friend here in Canberra, bring your dog.” Maybe its time to do more than complain about our politicians; maybe its time to befreind them. Prov 17:17 says “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is made for adversity.”

up up and away

Already people from 10 different nations have viewed this web site, and have made some great coments. Andy from U.K had some important things to say in response to my piece on spiritual economy. (You’ll find it in For Those Who Train, under Resources).
I am expecting to have some great discussions on important issues. Feel free to make recommendations. Some have kindly offered to do some prelim reading on my new book “Elihus key.”
I have uncovered some fascinating research on the work of Sir John Eccles, Austalian nobel prize winner in 1963 for his work on the human brain. Some say his work on synapses and how they function in the brain laid the foundation for the incredible growth in understanding of human personality and the mind. He said, “We have to recognise that we are spiritual beings,with souls existing in a spiritual world as well as material beings with bodies and brains existing in a material world.” I unpack more of this all in my new book where my thesis is its time to rediscover the human spirit and its place in Gods order.

welcome to our world

This so exciting. I’ve been used to preparing material for radio on a daily basis for decades but now with a I can share with my many friends, students and contacts around the world. I hope you find it rewarding to visit me on regularly under “Life Resources where you will find both Jen’s inspiring work of many years, and my material from the most enjoyed radio spots.
In days to come lots more will be put on line, for you to down load as PDF files. We have loads of material ready to go.

You will be able to study the wisdom books of the old testament,starting with the book of Ecclesiastes. For those who have to communicate on a regular basis we will include facts, statistics and quotes from famous people, and even a funny or two; all to help you get people’s attention and take them some where positive.

They will be new lesson plans for those who teach “Foundations” along with supportive material and sources. Also material for those who will teach Certificate 4 (in youth and community work – Christian) showing the unique integration of the course,and what units connect with what. As well, some key background materials to enable you to develop and mentor others.

We will be telling the whole back story of “Fusion International”and the pivotal moments that shaped its vision values and narrative.
There will be something for everyone including opportunity to engage in any conversation you may want to engage in.

I am particularly excited about my new books, The Three Attachmentsand “Elihu’s Key.” Some of you may even want to preview them for me and assist in making them more effective.

Wow!!!! In the book of Malachi it talks about leaping like calves from the stall with a sense of freedom. Hello world, let’s take a special journey together.